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favorite department of justice official. tom perez is my second favorite department of justice official. we are very honored today that tom perez has come from washington, dc, to give welcoming remarks here at this summit. tom perez is the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division in washington, dc, he was nominated for that position by president obama and sworn in in october of 2009 and we are all the lucky -- we are all very lucky that that happened in october of 2009. tom has spent his entire career in public service and on protecting the civil rights of our most vulnerable people. tom actually joined the civil rights division as a young lawyer and while he was there he prosecuted some of the most significant cases in the country. lawyers in the civil rights division get fanned out to places in the country to handle cases in mississippi and alabama and california and all over and tom was one of those people. he was sent to texas to handle a very significant hate crime case when he was a young lawyer that involved a gang of white supremacists that went on a killing
have the honor of sbre duesing our moderator, tom perez has graciously agreed to stay and participate in our first panel, business creating a healthy safe and inclusive environment for all school students, the role of our federal government. tom perez, assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. she was also nominated by president obama to serve in her role as assistant secretary of education for civil rights and she was confirmed by the senate in may of 2009. as assistant secretary, ruslyn is assistant secretary arnie's duncan's primary advisor. before she joined the department of education she was vice president of the education trust in washington, dc and was the founding executive of education trust west in oakland. in these positions she advocated for public school students in california, focusing on achievement and opportunity gaps, improving can urriculum and instructional quality and ensuring quality education for everybody. she served as an advisor on education issues on a number of private ipbs institutions, she is a teacher, a lawyer, and a very influential voi
developments in the murder of tom clements. colorado's prison chief. two persons of interest with white power connections armed, dangerous and on the loose. >> we'll talk about what they're saying could be a bottomless pit of anger. >>> the death of roger ebert. >> we begin, though, tonight, with the situation on the words of one u.s. official does not need to get any hotter. the problem is there's a dictator with a blow torch trying to make it hotter by the hour. moving as many as two mobile missile launchers and fuel tanks to the country's east coast. targets in south korea and japan. now, that is according to a u.s. official who says classified imaging and intercepted communications confirm it. intelligence also suggesting that pyongyang could be preparing to test a missile, maybe a flyover of japan. that move would certainly test a lot of nerves. which is why tonight even as they prepare militarily for the worst, a pentagon official tells cnn quote, we're trying to turn down the volume. in a moment we take a look at north korea's true capacity for destruction and talk with christiane aman
developments in the murder of tom clements, the chief of colorado prisons. two persons of interest with white power connections armed, dangerous, are on the loose right now and place want your help in finding them. >>> also tonight, my exclusive interview only on "360" with tom clements' wife lisa and his children. they don't want you to remember the killer of their beloved husband and father. they want you to know about the man they lost, the man they love. we'll talk about his life and how they say they're not letting what could be a bottomless pit of anger swallow them up. >>> later tonight, the death of film critic roger ebert. we look at a creative, courageous life that deserves two thumbs up and talk to his long time movie reviewing partner. >>> the words of one u.s. official, the situation does not need to get any hotter. the problem is there's a dictator with a blow torch trying to make it hotter by the hour. north korean dictator kim jong-un moving as many as two mobile missile launchers and fuel tanks to the country's east coast, closer to potential targets in south korea and japan.
on korea's military capabilities, tom foreman and retired general james "spider" marks. >> despite all the global implications of a conflict between north korea and south korea, the truth is it would really play out essentially on the korean peninsula. that's what we want to talk about right here. everyone knows the dmz has basically been fortified for a very long time. neither the south nor the north could simply charge across that and attack the other side. so if the north wanted to get something started, what would they do? >> the first thing we would see would be volumes and volumes of artillery fire and surface-to-surface missiles. these guys were trained by the soviets and the communist chinese. they know how to use long-range precision fires to try to make a difference. >> they would be firing from hidden positions? >> they are firing from positions that are on the north slope of the mountain that define the dmz. they are firing at targets that are tucked up into the dmz on the south like seoul. what that means is it's very difficult to target those locations and to observe that
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general of the united states. i ran a file of senator levin. he said she was close to tom delay's defense team. b, she doesn't have a lot of -- dent have -- didn't have a lot of experience trying cases. she was approached when she was in the criminal division of the justice department by the fbi. this is available through wickepia etcetera. she was part of that whole cover up. she was not a person not just an attorney. she was in a powerful position to be able to say no. torture, we'll let be be suppressed a bit. >> you plea bargained and what was the plea bargain, to her? >> she was head of the criminal division. when we would be sitting there and we would see press conference. she would put on this red dress and she would be quite dolled up and smiling before the camera. i said there is pretty alice. i incorporated that into the chapter pretty alice. john boehner majority leader and barry jackson worked for karl rove. what ended up being happening she was criticized by tom levine. and the other part to it was she had been part of this cover up of torture. her appointment was basicall
. >> 4:31 time for weather and traffic on the 1's. little drizzle out there tom. >> yeah, you will need an umbrella out there. we have scattered showers. not a lot of rain across virginia and the eastern shore. closer look here showing scattered showers here. montgomery arlington and fairfax. j just enough to make the pavement wet. temperatures in the low and mid 50s and in the mountains closer to washington in the mid and upper 50s. we are going to hold steady here in the 50s. here is your hour by hour forecast. we will be holding steady in the 50s. light rain and drizzle perhaps and then by noon time cloudy and temperatures should be into the mid 60s. look at the rest of the day the a afternoon and evening. that is coming up in ten minutes. let's look at traffic. g good morning. >> good morning, tom. good morning everyone. good mor%ing everyone. traveling the beltway both the inner and outer loops. still have construction zones to w worry about. canal road and chambridge road shut down due to construction. southbound 355. the left lane gets by only. in prince george county pp pennsylv
agent in charge. tom fuentes is here with me as we await the start of the news conference. he is fully prepared, tom, you're a former fbi assistant director, our analyst now. but he is coming in and knows precisely what he wants the american public to know. >> right. that is exactly right and among the considerations that have been going on since yesterday. they have one issue of informing the public and the other of having to be careful about what kind of strategy issues they reveal. >> they don't want to do anything to undermine the investigation. at the same time they believe people might be able to help with some evidence. >> people might be able to help but at the same time they don't want to jeptize the potential success of apprehending the right people and being able to convict them later. >> you don't want to undermine an eventual prosecution if you will. we anticipate because it has been delayed now for 24 hours he obviously has something important to say. >> i would assume. there's been a lot of things going on behind the scenes over the course of the entire investigation and
's a commitment in the federal level to doing our level best on these issues. >> tom, you talk about tools. ruslyn, what kind of tools, part of this is raising awareness, looking at best practices, sharing those best practices. what kind of tools is your agency offering, what kind of tools is the federal government providing municipalities, community leaders, advocates and the like? >> i can talk about some. we need more. this is why these kind of conversations are so helpful and we no doubt learn more from you than we could ever impact. that is because there is no one size fits all to this. this is about, it is what gives rise to cultures that promote a bullying and harassment on a regular -- are about community and it's about what feeds into community. now, some of those tools, as tom mentioned, as we've been talking about, are very much the civil rights laws. in my mind, having had the privilege of working on education issues for a very long time, i have come to realize that the civil rights laws are the most, have been historically the most sorely underutilized tools for change. it is in
will it move out? >> tom, good morning. >> and it is tax day. >> good morning. >> well, have an umbrella anyway. rain is falling around the area now. showers in prince george county now. and there is more moderate rain to our south. the roadways are wet. so allow yourself extra time. reduce your speed temperatures in the 50s. you will need a light jacket. closer to washington we are in the low and mid 50s. reagan national is in 58 degrees. here is how our morning is looking. wet rain and showers through 10:00 this morning but it should be done by noon time by then, cloudy temperatures will be holding steady. near 60 by noon time. a look at the afternoon and evening. that is in ten minutes. here is alexis davies. >> we are seeing heavy delays. approaching dunfries road. solid delays to garrisonville road. jump onto route 1 to make your way. otherwise you are looking at a 56 minute commute to the beltway. heavy. go ahead back to you. >> thank you. >> new this morning, secretary of state, john kerry, on his way back to the u.s. after a ten day overseas tour. he worked to promise to protect japan f
the fox business network headquarters in new yook city, it's "the tom sullivan show." here's your host tom sullivan. >> thank you for joining us here. athe top of the stack the similarities to 9/11 are eerie. the week started with a terrorist attack in boston and then, instead of anthrax, letters with ricin arrived in washington. and on top of that, there were scares about suspicious packages at various congressional offices and hallways. the emotional response is people want to be safe, but at what cost? does this mean additional security as we go about our lives? what freedoms will we give up? joining me is the host of "special report." brett, i caut part of your show this past week and one of the things that i was surprised at, you were talking to mike rogers, i believe it was. and this whole question about civil liberties, freedom, more ramping-up of security. and he made a comment to you if i heard it right that said something about, we always have trouble with civil libertarians. did i hear him right? >> basically, you know -- basically, tom, the question was, where is the line? wher
here, right now. >> from the fox business network headquarters in new yook city, it's "the tom sullivan show." here's your host tom sullivan. >> thank you for joining us here. at the top of the stack the similarities to 9/11 are eerie. the week started with a terrorist attack in boston and then, instead of anthrax, letters with ricin arrived in washington. and on top of that, there were scares about suspicious packas at various congressional offices and hallways. the emotional response is people want to be safe, but at what cost? does this mean additional security as we go about our lives? what freedoms will we give up? joining me is the host of "special report." brett, i caught part of your show this past week and one of the things that i was surprised at, you were talking to mike rogers, i believe it was. and this whole question about civil liberties, freedom, more ramping-up of security. and he made a comment to you if i heard it right that said something about, we always have trouble with civil libertarians. did i hear him right? >> basically, you know -- basically, tom, the questi
this week, but requires full approval by the assembly. >>> on the news panel is david bak baker, tom vacar, ktvu news editor and then carla marinucci. president obama's first visit to the bay area since re-election wasn't without controversy. republicans accused him of coming to billionaire row and protesters accused him of coming to the aid of keystone xl pipeline. carla marinucci, i know you were at some of the events. what was the purpose of the president's trip in. >> the purpose was money. this was the president's first trip since re-election. the san francisco bay area and atm. he was doing a favor to nancy pelosi to come into san francisco to pick up $3.25 million in two events in one night. >> not bad. >> he wants to win back 17 seats. president obama told both these groups, boy, we want to have nancy pelosi back as speaker of the house. i know you have an agenda for me. climate control. you want me to do that, give nancy the seat back. in some cases, they paid $42,000 to dine with the president. he is always a star, but he also got a lot of pressure from the left. the keystone xl
it themselves or know someone else who may have it to help fuel this investigation. so, our tom foreman did a story of what truth may be hidden in these photos. >> reporter: while public attention focused largely on images of the twin explosions and their aftermath, investigators are more interested in this, the pictures of what happened before the blast. >> i think we're processing all the digital photographic evidence we possibly can right now as quickly as possible with resources from fbi headquarters, quantico and that's a priority of the investigation right now. >> reporter: law enforcement official tells cnn so far investigators have found no surveillance video of anyone planting either bomb. but it is early, investigators are still combing local businesses to collect all security camera videos for blocks around, and asking people along the route to hand over any and all digital images. >> it is our intention to go through every frame of every video that we have to determine exactly who was in the area. this is probably one of most well photographed areas in the country yesterday. >>
of my sister, i will fight you forever. >> this past weekend veteran journalist tom brokaw suggests that our drone program was partly responsible for the rise in terrorism and in recruiting terrorists. we heard that from moving testimony in the senate from a guy named free an al. he loves it here. got a great education here. but when he testified a few days ago in the senate he said six days ago before that there was a bombing in yemen. he was under the drone. he said i couldn't believe it. he said, i'm a friend of america. don't do the drone strike but the people operating the drone couldn't hear him. he even wondered if there is a friend of mine that is operating that from when i studied in americans. >> i friendships and values experiences i described to the villagers helped them understand the america that i know and that i love. now however when they think of america they think of the terror they feel from the drones that hover over their heads ready to file missiles at any time. what violent militants had previously failed to achieve one drone strike accomplished in an instant
. there any public comment? >> good afternoon tom with liveable city. i'm tempted to comment on the boats booking the signs. when the decision was made to locate the crews ship terminal here - let me go back. the two spaces are supposed to be left open on the other side on the end of the pier was supposed to be an open space but unfortunately, to put the cruise ship here means that public open space at the end of the pier won't be assessable when a boat comes in. the port now owes more open space. i'm on the committees to figure out where we could create an open space because that open space will be lost when the crews ships are in the terminal. just behind this building here we're going we're hoping this process will be allowed to go forward and that will be the decision-making process and a lot of decision making people will be involved. we need to keep this cruise ship terminal here but make up that lost open space here. that's the venue at least the group that will ultimately recommend to you what the open space plan should look like and keep everything in balance. the port has had a
local law enforcement. >> tom, back to the question i posed about a federal definition, do you even have consistency within federal agencies of a definition as you partner with various agencies? >> well, our biggest partner is the department of education. we've done a number of cases together and we really start with the stools that we have which is title 9, title 6, and we have, those laws do have definition. so we work off those common definitions. and we have done, we have been able to do a lot more work in the lgbt context. ruslyn is correct, if you look under title 9 you won't see the words sexual orientation or gender identity but you will see sexual discrimination. there is a pretty robust body of case law that states that gender nonconformity, in other words, you're acting gay, you're a boy, you need to dress like a boy, that harassment is a form of sex harassment that if it happened in the workplace you could file a case under sexual discrimination. we've been able to use those tools to make a lot of progress. the seth walsh case in tehachipe is an example of that. so thos
. >> thank you, angie. >>> cloudy skies outside. coming up, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein lets us know if the sun will make an appearance today. >> plus, some prank answers from president obama on tension was north korea and the use of nuclear weapons. bring your dog to work day. not our best idea. [ dog barks ] ooh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. choose verizon internet and phone, both with 99.9% network reliability. all for just $89.99 a month with a two year price guarantee. plus get an additional line included. it's all backed by our worry free guarantee, with no activation fees, and more. call to sign up today. verizon. >>> in the heart of boston is a crime scene. the area mere the finish line of the boston marathon is closed while federal agents and police look for clues that can help them who was responsible for yesterday's bombings. more than 100 are still in the hospital. the death toll hasn't climbed above three. it remains at that number, as we speak. >>
. we have also, as tom mentioned, seen and we were reading about all too frequently a kind of bullying and harassment for students of certain religious groups. in our guidance we also made it clear while we don't have jurisdiction over religion in the same way we don't over sexual orientation, what we're seeing in all of these -- and all of these are case by case, you can't just broad sweep the laws -- when students are bullied and harassed in this world because of religion, in most instances a lot of that is not about race or religion, it's because. perception that students that share certain religious traits also share certain ethnicities and that is discrimination and that falls under title 6. it is not just about enforcing the laws that make it clear how the laws apply. it is, though, as we said, you can't get at this through enforcement alone. this is a culture that tolerates this and in too many ways promotes it. as tom mentioned we have an unprecedented partnership not just between our agencies but agencies across the federal government that the president has convened to bring
or close to it. they need to hold him to it. tom is interesting. he is talked about already as somebody who might run for governor in california. he has already put $37 million of his own money in two ballot measures here. environmental ballot measures. this is a guy to watch. obama came to his home. overlooking the golden gate bridge. he went to the getty home. a climate change. anti-fossil fuel change. he went to getty. as in getty oil. >> he is at all of these beautiful mansions. >> look, you know, when you talk about any kind of presidential candidate. the republicans cannot say that. when it comes to politics, it is location. >> it is this. obama was going to change things. he was going to be the people's person and all that stuff. when he comes to california and many other places, does he rarely go out to talk to the people. that starts to grate on people after a while. this is a big money game. does he get that people don't like that? >> tom, i think you are right. i think the bay area more than any other location in the country, obama just comes here for money. when was the last tim
of america's sweet tooth. still to come, it's a movies and money thursday. find out if tom cruise still has what it takes to come in number one at the box office this weekend. but first, networks and cable channels beware: big changes are coming from small upstarts. that's next with bill moller. you hear that? there's a shake- up going on in the television industry. a brash little upstart called aereo has the networks & cable operators running scared right now. brian tallerico is the tv critic for why is this david causing so much angst and chaos among all the goliaths? - the goliath's already being attacked by other davids in the form of hulu and netflix, and now this one comes along, and it's such a shake-up. the courts have gotten involved in saying whether or not it is even legal to do what aereo is trying to do. - but they have been granted court permission to go ahead. - they have been granted court permission, the idea being that no restrictions were put in place when they said "hey, we can take these broadcast waves and watch them in our house, so if we turn th
see the movie. aside from having tom cruise in it they say the stunt was a split-second scene omitted from a 130-minute long movie. but the asa ruled on the cantankerous kiwi. here is tom cruise trying to sit on a counter. >> that is a problem. >> no wonder kate left him. any i what, rick. >> yes. >> do you admire this guy or disgusted by this or are you dating this guy? >> what a waste of time. what was it $12? >> you don't believe in the principal? you are a reporter. >> it had to be the principal of the thing. he opened the flood gates. now anybody can ask for their money back. i didn't even see the movie and i will ask for my money back. >> i read the book. i am pissed off tom cruise played him. he is supposed to be 6 foot 5 and tom cruise is the reverse. >> way to spit in the face of the people. >> why because m why short? >> are you a self-hating shorty. >> maybe i am, but i want my tall people tall, thank you very much. what if you had harrison ford play shaft? >> he has made such inroads for your people that i would think you would be celebrating. >> remi, welcome to the show.
with the lab, and they indicated to me that tom ruskin had sent them the samples and that they had given tom ruskin results but they couldn't give me any information because they had all belonged to tom ruskin, and we would have to go -- >> did we call? >> to tom? >> yes. >> that's when we placed all those phone calls. >> did he ever send me any samples, letters, anything? >> no, we never heard from him about any of that. >> the biggest problem i have in this case is what happened with the investigator. that's something i have to live with. >> so danny couldn't call the lab, even though he retained tom? >> that seems crazy, but that appears to be the case. >> i can't pick up your call right now, so please at the tone leave a message, and i'll call you back as quickly as i can. >> hi, tom. it's jane schuler. long time no talk. i really, really, need to talk to you, and i really need you to call me back. thanks, bye. >> there's just so much pushing i can do. she's taking care of my son and working, there's just so much i can do, you know? it's getting old fast. >> what's getting old? >> everyt
of homeland security tom ridge. he joins me now from washington, d.c. secretary ridge, thanks so much for joining me. what is the latest in the investigation as far as you know from your sources? certainly you are plugged in to law enforcement. >> i think i'm going to wait until commissioner davis holds his press conference at 5:00. i think there is undeniably a great desire for not just the press but the americans to know an arrest is imminent. at the end of the day there are conflicting reports and i think we'll probably get some clarity when the commissioner speaks to us at 5:00. >> what types of things -- knowing what we do now, which is that there is a tremendous effort by law enforcement authorities to comb through all images from the area around copley square both from the lord & taylor surveillance camera, other surveillance cameras, law enforcement has been reaching out to individuals who were there, having them share their photographs, share their cell phone and iphone videos. what kind of technology is available to counterterrorism officials, to law enforcement, to enhance
are sticking around. tom kierein tells us how long and how much we can expect the rest of this week. >>> police are following new clues in the search for missing 5-year-old from fairfax county. where the boy was last seen. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, april 15th, 2013. >> a woman wanted in virginia for abducting her son has been spotted in alabama. angie goff has that story. >> confirm a missing 5-year-old boy and his mom were seen at birmingham international airport friday. there's an arrest warrant out for becky love, the mother of cameron seraphin, parental abduction. the boy should have been returned to his father last sunday. his mother fled town, dyeing his hair dark brown, leaving her car behind to throw off detectives. the boy's father says his son suffered from -- airport sighting in alabama is the only one reported. the police need the public's help to find cameron and are urging people to spread the word through facebook and twitter. we have a link at this story at angie goff, news 4. >>> new today, a nation
critic. we talk about a new noraephron play called lucky guy starring tom hanks. >> it has the sense of a really good wake. people say remember this guy, let's have another drink, let's sing about this guy. a little too much of it was told in third person for me. and i wanted to see tom hanks who i think is capable of complex portraiture be allowed to act out those moments. we only had snippetsham. >> charlie: we conclude with the performance artist. >> you know, my work and my dedication is to really lift human spirits. this is my main attention. it's so easy to put the human spirit down but it's so difficult to lift it up. like i don't like to have the art that is corrupt to destroy and how bad it is. i want to see the solutions. i want to look at the future. my work is about future. >> charlie: north korea, new play by nora ephron and marina abrahm wits when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: today the north korean government announced plans to restart its main nuclear reactor in recent week
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,776 (some duplicates have been removed)

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